A Reseller’s Success: Autodesk – IT Equipment & Software Leasing

Established in 1997, HCS Control Systems specialise in the design, manufacture, assembly and test of equipment for the worldwide subsea industry. Having efficient control over its product quality means that the company can rapidly respond to client requirements.

HCS Control Systems is certified to deliver systems to all offshore provinces around the globe, and this is because the company operates to the highest standards and constantly keeps abreast of the current design and manufacturing processes.

In order to maximise and improve processes, HCS Control Systems planned to upgrade its computer-aided design (CAD) software. The company approached Thom Micro Systems, an IT reseller which specialises in Autodesk AutoCAD solutions.

Through Syscap, the sales team at Thom Micro Systems was able to offer a financing option to cover a cost in excess of £81,000. HCS Control Systems immediately showed an interest in the many advantage that a flexible finance solution could offer the business.

Not only could the company claim back the tax on the investment, by paying for the software over time, HCS Control Systems was able to better manage its cash flow, while still maintain its existing banking lines of credit and overdraft facilities.

This IT equipment loan provided flexibility and ease, as well as a quicker return on investment as opposed to paying for the software upfront in a lump sum.

“This was a fairly simple deal to process. As Autodesk Financing was offered at the very beginning of the process it enabled cost objections to be immediately rectified and allowed the avoidance of having to offer the customer any substantial discounts. The customer was happy as the deal was processed quickly and met their specific needs,” said Craig Hamilton, Account Manager at Thom Micro Systems.

The ability of vendors to propose affordable IT equipment loans can be one of the most effective ways for them to boost sales. Facilitating immediate access to the latest IT equipment and software solutions at a manageable price is of great advantage to their customers too. Syscap can offer resellers end-to-end finance packages, which includes administration, payment collection and sales support.