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Office Evolution Infographic – Dalek Dictation to 3D Printing

For more than 60 years technology has increasingly defined the way we work.

Just take a look around your office or home workspace and consider how much the devices you and your colleagues use daily really help you to do your job. It’s easy to take for granted the technology that enables a wide range of communication and collaboration, supporting efficient ways of working.

But take a look at our interactive infographic to see how today compares to the offices that our parents or grandparents spent their working lives in. A typical office in the 1950s, for example, would have been full of typewriters that could run out of ink half way through a letter and fuelled an entire market for ‘Liquid Paper and Tippex’. ‘Revolutionary’ dictation technology on the other hand made the user of it sound like a Dalek! But that was about as advanced as office technology got – the rest really was resigned to TV science fiction!

Fast forward to 2015 again and printing technology has moved on to the production of 3D objects. Not only have devices become multifaceted, we’ve seen the proliferation of mobile technology that has totally changed the face of what constitutes ‘working life’.

It’s true then that few organisations can escape the increasing demand for technology investment now that it’s a critical asset for businesses. Only when you see current technology alongside that of years gone by can you fully appreciate how vast the change has been, and how businesses have increasingly found it a challenge to keep up with competitors on the technology front. And of course, as technology demands have grown, so has the challenge of funding them, as we at Syscap know all too well.

We hope you enjoy the infographic which will tell you how individual devices have developed to become the gadgets that today adorn our desks and pockets. You can also read some interesting personal views of workers from each era or decade. What technology would you have used to carry out a day’s work 40, 50 or even 60 years ago?

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