Introducing… George Mutch

George Mutch is a recent recruit to the direct sales team in Syscap’s Northwich office. He tells us about Belgium, golfing and the thrill of a fast-moving workplace.

The first career path that attracted George was investment banking or stockbroking. He explains: “At school I realised I was good with numbers, so banking seemed like a good idea. I also liked the idea of a high-paced lifestyle.

After studying Finance, Economics, Accountancy and Business at college, George began a degree in BA Finance and Investment at Coventry University. The course was mainly aimed at people planning to become financial advisors, but George quickly realised that banking and finance were not customer-facing enough for him, and would not make use of his interpersonal skills.

I worked for a while doing sales with a company called American Golf. I really enjoyed it – talking to new people all the time and closing sales. I realised I needed a career that would marry my two main interests – sales and finance.

George found Syscap through an agency and was recruited to be a graduate account manager in the Northwich office: “I love the interpersonal side – you’re not locked away somewhere without any connection to anyone! I also like developing new skills and learning about products.

Syscap appealed to the young graduate because of its credentials as an agile, expanding company with plenty of promise. George says he saw Syscap as “edgy, whereas lots of finance companies are a bit boring.

The atmosphere within the sales team also suits George well. “We’re relaxed when we can be, but serious when there’s work to do. It’s a good mix which means while there is a lot to learn, it’s not overpowering.”

George says he is excited to be in a company which is “changing day by day”, and is excited to see how the organisation develops, especially in view of the recent acquisition by Wesleyan Bank.

Looking back, George is glad that he followed his passions and would advise teenagers considering a career in business or finance to do the same: “You should pick your strong subjects, the ones that you enjoy. Nobody really knows what they will do later, but having qualifications plus a good work ethic gives you that little bit extra.

Working at Syscap has opened George’s eyes to the size of the business finance market in the UK: “Some businesses really struggle with tight budgets and cash flow issues – we step in and assist them. I had no idea how big the need was for commercial finance until I joined Syscap, now I see that the majority of businesses, especially smaller ones can all benefit from some sort of finance solution!

George is comfortable learning on the job in a direct sales team that mixes graduates with more experienced salespeople. George says there are always other people at his level around for mutual support and more seasoned colleagues who are really encouraging, too.

The more experienced people are always ready to help you out and lend you their experience. If you’re struggling with a problem there is always someone there to ask, and they never treat it like it’s a burden.

George currently lives in Wilmslow with his girlfriend, but he has not always been based in the UK. He spent the final year of his degree distance-learning through online lectures and resources while living in Antwerp in Belgium, which was an interesting cultural experience.

There were loads of good things about Belgium. For example, people there go out rain or shine, it’s a really busy place. They just grab an umbrella, whereas in the UK we hide indoors when it rains. I found people in Belgium were really nice and friendly.

Some things in Belgium were a bit strange – mainly food: supermarkets are really confusing because everything looks different. They like flavoured teas a lot, which was weird. I was glad when I found an English shop selling ketchup, HP sauce, Marmite and other home comforts!

As George’s former job at a golfing business might suggest, he’s a man who loves to tee off. Golf is a real passion and George is keen to start using his clubs again, but “I’ve not settled in long enough where I live to find anywhere to play yet!

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