Finance options explained

IT Vendor Finance options explained

IT finance can be used to obtain a wide range of technology for business, and could be the perfect solution if your clients need new technology that would otherwise be unaffordable.

We support their technology requirements through a variety of solutions, including business asset loans, leasing or hire purchase agreements.

IT loans: commercial asset loans that can be secured wholly against the equipment being financed, giving customers security, while flexibility is assured as they will be able to replace or update IT systems.

Finance lease: a form of IT leasing that transfers all ownership rights and obligations to the lessee for any length of time, meaning they will be responsible for maintenance and insurance.

Operating lease: also known as contract hire, this form of IT leasing is ideal if your customers don’t need equipment for its entire working life, with it being returned to the leasing company once the lease ends.

Hire purchase: offers fixed monthly payments over an agreed period, with ownership of the IT equipment transferring to your customer at the end of the lease.

IT Funding for Intangible Assets

One of the key differences between Syscap and other technology and IT finance providers is our ability to finance intangible assets such as software, training and even business websites.

Most lenders and underwriters regard such items as having little or no capital value, and are reluctant to provide unsecured business loans. At Syscap, we understand that software is integral to any IT system acquisition and – as the relative cost of hardware continues to fall – the element that companies most need to finance.

Funding Available for Vendors and Resellers

We can offer IT finance for your business too – contact our team to discuss your requirements.

The Benefits of IT Finance

Drive more sales as an IT supplier or reseller by offering flexible IT finance for your customers, with Syscap’s partnership options, partner tools and incentives.

Improve cash flow

Customers are able to spread payments over the useful life of their IT equipment, rather than having to find up-front capital.

Tax Savings

Monthly payments on IT loans give clients the option of making them tax-deductible.

Unaffected bank lines

Taking out IT finance won’t affect clients’ ability to explore alternative funding options.

Convenience of a Single Supply

You will only need to deal with Syscap, rather than multiple vendors, saving you time and related costs.

Freedom of Choice

Clients can use the IT funding to purchase the technology they want from the supplier they want – Syscap just lends the money.

Flexible Finance Makes Sense

Utilising IT finance for rapidly depreciating technology assets makes sense for clients and maintains an ongoing dialogue with their vendor.

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