Tell us what you think

Here at Syscap we regularly take time out to listen to our customers. It may be a bit of a cliché but we do genuinely believe that the customer is at the heart of our business.

We have recently completed one of our peak periods with the July tax funding deadline. As this draws to a close, we have approached every single one of our customers to ask for feedback on our service. More importantly, we also want to know what we could do better next time around. With nearly 20% of our customers replying, we are confident that there is a representative sample of our customers replying.

We aren’t trying to pretend that this is corporate atruism. If we do a better job of servicing our customers, they are more likely to come back and do business with us again in future. So the feedback loop is built in to everything that we do. Below is a chart showing just how many of our customers are likely to come back to us again.

Very likely


Fairly likely




Slightly unlikely


Very unlikely


To some, this looks like a great result with the responses weighted towards the “very likely”. But at Syscap we are about to begin the intense process of working out why there are so many in the bottom left who are unlikely to come back to us.

In school report terms, we would probably see this as a “Good but could do better”. We would welcome your help with that. If you are a Syscap customer or a potential customer, tell us how you think we can do just that. Your comments are welcome by emailing

Syscap announces partnership with Swiftpage

Exclusive deal offers funding options for resellers
Syscap, the leading independent provider of finance, is partnering with Swiftpage to offer a new funding solution to its resellers. The new product can be used to spread the cost of Act! and Saleslogix licenses and annual maintenance plans over a 12 month period.

Swiftpage is a leading provider of integrated marketing and CRM solutions and is in the process of rolling out Act! Finance to its Platinum, Gold and Silver partners. The deal will allow Swiftpage resellers to present spread payment facilities to its clients – removing the upfront cost for clients.

Act! Finance runs on a revolving credit facility so that customers can continue to use the facility year after year. Documentation has been kept simple and, with no underwriting and no cost, the deals allow clients a more accurate comparison with subscription-based products.

Philip White, CEO of Syscap, says: “As an innovative software vendor, we are delighted that Swiftpage is leading the way in innovating payment terms for its clients. In a dynamic software market, the customer experience of buying a product is increasingly complex. Flexible finance options simply mean that the customer can align their purchases with their use of the product.”

“Swiftpage is committed to working with our channel partners to grow revenue by delivering a customer-centric sales process. Partnering with Syscap enables us to bring innovative funding solutions while Syscap takes care of the finance,” said Lindsay Boullin, Vice President and Head of Marketing and Operations for Swiftpage International.


And the winner is…

After 64 matches, the Syscap Summer of Soccer game has reached its dramatic conclusion.

There have been early exits and eye watering injuries; plenty of thrills and a few goal mouth spills but most of all there have been plenty of shots on target.

Syscap’s predictor game has been keenly fought and we are delighted to announce that the winner is…

James Baxter of Softcat who wins 4 Club Wembley tickets with hospitality.

The runners up are Ramesh Shrestha of Viglen and Tim Burrows of Softcat who take home an iPad mini and a meal for two at Cabana Brazilian Barbecue.

Well done to everyone who participated. We hope that you have enjoyed the Syscap Summer of Sport and we look forward to working with you again soon.

£1.7bn Support & Maintenance Market Funding For Resellers

Syscap is launching a new funding solution to allow resellers to unlock revenue from the UK’s £1.7 billion* IT support and maintenance market.

The new stand-alone online product, Support Funder, allows resellers to receive payment for an annual IT support and maintenance deal at the start of the contract, while clients spread the cost into simple monthly instalments.

Support Funder is already being used by several major Channel businesses, including Iris and Swiftpage. Syscap is also in negotiations with around 50 more IT resellers to use Support Funder.

Contracts for services including maintenance of equipment and software, helpdesk provision and staff training are potentially one of the most profitable parts of the market for IT resellers, although most have yet to tap its full revenue potential.

Until now no funding has been made available to help resellers access this market

Syscap explains that until now, no suitable funding was available to help resellers access this market due to the short-term nature of support contracts. For many IT resellers, this has led to difficulties in securing and maintaining support contracts, as the significant up-front expense involved has acted as a barrier to some clients.

Accepting monthly direct debit payments from clients has also not been a practical option for the majority of resellers, as arranging direct debits through a bank involves significant costs and administration work, and very few resellers are able to accept these payments directly.

Support Funder will provide payment up front to resellers for their support contracts, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses while it takes the administrative burden of collecting the monthly payments from their clients.

Philip White, CEO of Syscap, says: “Most resellers are still struggling to make the most of their capabilities in maintenance and support, and the lack of a suitable funding product has definitely left many of them unable to provide annual support contracts in the best way for their clients.”

“We think Support Funder can be the key that unlocks profits for resellers in this market.”

“Many resellers have told us that they could retain a much higher percentage of their support and maintenance clients if they had the ability to offer financing for the service. Syscap has a long history of providing bespoke funding to Channel businesses, so this product was a natural fit for both ourselves and our clients.”

Syscap plans to roll out the Support Funder model to other IT services in the coming months.

Says Philip White: “We believe that there is scope for this funding model to be applied to other services provided by Channel businesses, allowing resellers to offer a better deal to their clients.”

* Source: TechMarketView

IT Vendors Offering Finance To Customer To Convert Leads

New funding service for maintenance and support contracts expected to drive continued partnership growth

The number of IT vendors offering finance to potential customers to help convert business leads into sales is continuing to grow strongly, as securing bank lending for IT investment remains tough particularly for SMEs, says Syscap, the leading independent finance provider.

In the past year Syscap has seen a 19% jump in new partnership deals signed with IT resellers keen to offer a finance option to customers as part of their sales process. Syscap signed 350 partnership deals with IT vendors last year, up from 294 in the previous 12 months, continuing a strong upward trend over the past three years.

Comments Syscap Chief Executive Philip White, “In the last few years, the ability to offer finance to clients has become a crucial part of the sales process for many IT vendors, enabling them to maximise the number of enquiries and leads they can convert into actual business. From what we are seeing this trend shows no sign of abating.”

“While businesses’ desire and need to invest in IT may have returned since the recession, many SMEs in particular are still having trouble securing the funds to make the necessary upgrades to support their business growth and development. Bank loans, especially for IT investment, are still in short supply.”

“Providing asset finance is the obvious solution so that IT vendors can help put clients in a position where they can green-light investment projects that would otherwise have been out of reach.”

New funding service for maintenance and support contracts expected to drive continued partnership growth

The new stand-alone funding product, which is accessed completely online, enables more businesses to take up contracts for maintenance of IT equipment and software as well as for support such as help-desks and staff training.

Philip White says: “Maintenance and support contracts are valuable product for vendors, and help customers to get the most out of new IT acquisitions.  But businesses can be reluctant to pay for these contracts up front, and funding a monthly payment option themselves is not always attractive for vendors.”

“Vendors tell us that most businesses recognise that technology maintenance and support are desirable.  They know that they need help to make the most of the technology they are buying rather than just using the basic functionality, but unfortunately, there isn’t always a way to make this support immediately affordable for them.”

“With Support Funder, we are excited to be the first to fill that need, and to put this new service online so that it can be accessed instantly.  Providing targeted financing for maintenance and support products should help to grow what is already a very important market for vendors.”

Support Funder is based on proven technology and processes used successfully for two years as the Law Society’s recommended finance provider for regulatory fee renewals.