How Vendor Financing Can Help You Close More Deals

There are many reasons that resellers might be interested in a finance partnership. Essentially it comes down to efficiencies; sales teams converting more deals at a higher value. A good finance provider should be a door opener to increased sales whilst at the same time providing incentives to do more business; whether financial, social, through training and promotions.

Embedding finance into the core of the sales process is key to making this happen.

If you are a vendor or reseller looking to close more deals, Syscap’s Partner Programme can help. Through our programme, you will gain access to tailored IT finance solutions, making your products easier to sell and buy.

The programme helps to give you a competitive advantage, allowing you to drive revenue and increase margins. Along with closing more deals, sale cycles will be reduced, thus making your business more efficient. Some of the programme’s benefits include:


Organisations signed up with the programme have access to their own tailored suite of tools and training materials. Sales teams receive specialist training through the portal, helping them to sell better and close more deals as a result.


Through Syscap’s S-League rewards programme, sales teams are rewarded for good performance. They are incentivised to work hard as the more deals they close, the more points they’ll earn. The best-performing individuals and companies will receive some great prizes.

Knowledge and support

By collaborating with Syscap, you will be given expert knowledge and support around the clock. You will have your own dedicated account manager and will have access to expert financial advice whenever you need it.

Syscap has access to a wide range of funding panels, making it easier for your customers to finance IT acquisitions of all varieties and sizes. We are on hand to support you through the whole process; from helping to generate demand with bespoke marketing campaigns, to performing rapid customer credit checks so you can close the deal quicker.


Through our programme, you have instant access to all the necessary tools, and all in one place. You will have a single point of access to a range of funding options, which will enable you to easily create or provide IT solutions to your clients.

If you would like to find out more about the Syscap Partner Programme, click here for more information.

Syscap returning to channel heartlands

Syscap is setting out on a mission to re-engage with the channel as it looks to introduce changes to its partner programme and remind resellers that it is a source of finance.

The finance specialist has always operated with the channel but over recent years has also built up a strong presence in the legal market as well as also selling its services into the public sector.

But with its 25th anniversary looming next year the firm is going back to its roots with the aim of “going back to its heartlands, which was the IT channel,” according to Syscap head of direct sales and marketing Sean Read.

“We have the pedigree and the heritage providing finance to the IT channel,” but Read added that its focus on the legal market could have given the wrong impression it was not still determined to work with resellers.

“We want to go back to our heartland and all of the economic indices are positive and now is a good time to restate our position in that space,” he said.

As part of its efforts to increase channel business Syscap is readying the re-launch of its partner programme for a couple of weeks time and has also unveiled a fresh website and is ramping up its social media and marketing strategy.

“There will be a far greater play of our channel finance offering and we will be going back to a market we know and providing what people expect of us,” added Read.

Credit has always been a challenging proposition in the channel but Read said that it had established it worked well when it created a chance for resellers to sell more to customers, rather than just waiting for the finance conversation to come up.

“We have created the demand and understanding of what finance can do,” he added “So the reseller can go to market with finance as an integral part of the propostion.”

Written by Simon Quicke
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