Job Purpose:

To lead and motivate a team of New Business Account Managers or Senior / Customer Relationship Managers towards achievement of their team and personal targets and goals, providing day-to-day support, guidance, coaching, training and pastoral care as appropriate, in conjunction with the Head of Direct Sales.

To work with the other Team Leaders to create an energised and positive sales environment conducive to the ongoing development of new business, employing a creative approach in campaign and business development activity.

This is a commercial sales role whereby you will run a team of NBAM’s or S/CRM’s each of whom manages an allocated portfolio of predominantly live and lapsed accounts, with some prospects, in order to sell a range of lending products in accordance with stated strategy and policy.

This role is responsible for driving revenue and income in line with quarterly and annual targets. You will carry a notional personal sales target, and will be expected to deliver that in conjunction with the team target, of which your number will form a portion. Across your team, you are expected to properly and proactively manage all account relationships so as to maximise customer life, renewal and cross-selling opportunities and income creation.

You will be expected to ensure the fair treatment of customers at all times and to adhere to all policies concerning ‘positive customer outcomes’, ‘quality’ and conduct risk management. You will be responsible for the overall quality and compliance of your team’s work. Additionally, you must adhere to the ethos of the Society at all times.

Success in this role will require the achievement of minimum levels of performance in critical areas such as activity, behaviour, CRM adoption, customer care, quality as well as sales targets. Each element will be measured, targeted and forms part of the Sales Remuneration Scheme.

Main responsibilities and key activities:

  • The appropriate management of your team to achieve sales, drive new business activity and grow the pipeline
  • In conjunction with other Team Leaders, you will need to set fair and appropriate objectives, activity measures, and business KPI’s for the individuals within your team
  • With Head of Direct Sales, ensuring that your team maintains a balanced opportunity by way of data/account allocation, including requesting more data for HoDS as required
  • The direct management of your allocated team of sales people, co-ordinating and approving absence/leave and undertaking periodic reviews
  • Managing Performance Excellence for your people, undertaking the stipulated reviews via the WeLearn platform
  • Working in conjunction with the other Team Leaders to initiate campaign activity in an innovative and motivational fashion such as to maintain the new business drive

To deliver:

  • New business volume and income as targeted and as set out in your annual Remuneration Scheme.
  • Minimum levels of customer service quality and customer experience, as determined by the Sales Quality Assurance Scheme.
  • Minimum levels of input activity as determined appropriate by your line manager/senior sales management.
  • Your targeted KPI outcomes as determined by your line manager/senior sales management.

To develop:

  • Your people, to the point where all share in the success and make a meaningful contribution to the whole.
  • A consistent pipeline of new business opportunity from either the allocated account base or through personal networking and/or prospecting activity.
  • Lasting, mutually beneficial working relationships with customers, suppliers, advisors and introducers as relevant and appropriate to achieving success in this role.
  • Similarly positive relationships with colleagues across the Bank and Society in order to support mutual success at all levels and so as to maximise and leverage group relationships.

Key to this role are:

  • A demonstrable ability to promote and ‘sell’ financial products in a B2B environment
  • High degrees of personal commitment, focus, application and endeavour
  • The development of mutually beneficial working relationships
  • Empathy and the ability to build rapport
  • Strong communication skills
  • A focus on and desire to, deliver customer service excellence and a positive customer experience
  • High degrees of personal planning & organising
  • A desire to challenge both your team and yourself towards greater performance
  • A desire to self-develop, to seize the initiative and to grow within the role

Key Competencies (Skills and how the job operates):

You should refer to the Competency Framework: ‘Professional’ for detailed descriptions of the requisite competencies and to ensure you are familiar with the required attributes and how to demonstrate capability:

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Delivering quality, commercial performance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Management [of pipeline, opportunities and relationships]


 You will be expected to demonstrate and evidence the behaviours required of this role, as per the role-based ‘Wesleyan Core Behaviours’ framework:

  • Customer focus
  • Teamwork
  • Delivery of quality results
  • Continuous improvement

Additionally, at all times you will be expected to:

  • Act as a brand ambassador
  • Take responsibility for your own quality, objectives and activity
  • Adhere to Society/Bank policies and procedures
  • Uphold strong professional standards
  • Take responsibility for your own professional development


  • A team of 5-6 sales professionals based in Northwich
  • Specific activity KPIs (‘inputs’) as advised by line management
  • Based on individual sales conversion ratios, the origination of sufficient opportunities to develop an agregated pipeline of a commensurate depth versus team target
  • Compulsory use of core systems, e.g. CRM and Cordis as mandated by senior management.

Key Skill Requirements:

  • Good numeracy and literacy skills
  • Good PC literacy skills, including Microsoft Office
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Ability to build rapport at all levels
  • Good personal organisation
  • High degrees of personal motivation
  • High levels of commitment, endeavour and application
  • Desire to continue learning and personally develop
  • Ability to take on and employ new concepts
  • Desire to be successful
  • Desire to challenge both yourself and your team to grow and be better

How to apply: 

For more information about this role please contact Juana Leacock at