Syscap Statement of Anti-bribery:

The Board of Directors of Syscap expect that all of our employees and agents will always conduct company business in accordance with Syscap’s required standards of ethical behaviour and honesty.

Among the most significant laws and regulations that govern the Syscap’s operations are those that prohibit the payment or receipt of money, or gifts and hospitality of value, in order to receive an undue commercial benefit or personal advantage. Such behaviour, notwithstanding the requirements of The Bribery Act 2010 is a clear violation of the Syscap’s code of business conduct.

Syscap forbids its employees from making or accepting any bribe or kickback intended to secure favoured treatment for or from Syscap or any customer or supplier of Syscap outside what would be considered a normal and appropriate expression of business courtesy.

This statement and Syscap’s Anti-Bribery Policy were developed at the direction of Syscap’s Board of Directors to provide clear guidance to all employees and to ensure a consistent approach to business practices throughout the company.

Every Syscap employee and agent is responsible for carefully reading and understanding this statement and the Anti-Bribery Policy and strictly complying with every aspect of their requirements.