Bansal completed vital IT upgrade

Bansal completed a vital £150k computer hardware upgrade thanks to Syscap IT finance solutions.

When it comes to business expansion, every penny counts, and clever finance can make a big difference. Leasing can help companies afford the IT, equipment and services they need to manage business growth, without tying up cash. Heating and plumbing specialists Bansal completed a vital IT upgrade programme and chose to lease their new equipment, software and related services from Syscap.

Bansal Ltd, a family-run heating and plumbing merchants established in 1978, completed an extensive IT upgrade programme, after enjoying steady growth thanks to its focus on customer service and a professional approach. This was made possible thanks our expert leasing solutions and experience in dealing with a range of companies as the UK’s leading independent IT finance provider.

The heating and plumbing marketplace is highly competitive, dominated by large suppliers with the ability to offer knockdown prices to stay ahead.

Mukesh Nathwani, Financial Controller at Bansal:
“As a smaller company within the industry, there is no way we can compete on price against the larger businesses, so we have to find different ways to differentiate. At Bansal, we stress the importance of customer service and quality, and this has helped us to thrive and grow in what can be a difficult market.”

IT System installation

To ensure that Bansal’s IT infrastructure can meet the needs of the company into the future, it was decided that a complete upgrade of systems, hardware and software was necessary. “We had been running our computer system for 15 years, and although it was still adequate, we could see it was time to change,” explains Nathwani. Bansal opted for a scalable IT solution that would fit with the company’s expansion plans, offer greater visibility of the entire business, help to integrate the branches and bring all systems online. The IT upgrade would involve a complete replacement of all hardware and the introduction of a new server. “We expect our total investment in IT to reach about £150,000.” says Nathwani.

Nathwani opted to lease all the new equipment, software and related services from Syscap. By enabling companies to lease intangibles, such as training and support, alongside hardware, Syscap helps companies create financial visibility into the long term. “Leasing helps us to manage our cashflow,” he explains. As financial controller, Nathwani looked at several options to find the right finance partner for the IT project. “Our bank was pushing us hard to accept the finance deal from them, but we didn’t want to have all our finance tied up in one place and we immediately felt comfortable with Syscap.”

Syscap enabled Bansal to implement the right IT solution without disrupting cashflow. “Leasing offers financial visibility now and into the future,” says Nathwani. “This helps us to plan ahead, continue growing the business and keep our budgets on track.” “Syscap’s flexibility means we can future proof our IT, ensuring we can remain up to date even as the business grows. I don’t expect the solution we have now to last another 15 years and it’s good to know we’ll be able to afford another upgrade when the time comes”. Solutions such as Syscap’s Systems Change Option enable companies to upgrade their IT during their lease agreement, often with no change to their monthly payments.

Planning ahead

During a period of expansion, leasing enables companies to afford the right IT equipment, while keeping cash in the bank for those inevitable unseen expenses. “With leasing we know exactly what we’re spending and what flexibility we have,” says Nathwani. “I can budget in advance and make forecasts for the business that are realistic and attainable.”

Bansal is set to grow even further in the coming months, with two more branches planned. With Syscap helping to finance Bansal’s essential IT acquisitions, Nathwani is confident in the future of the business: “With customer service a priority, our IT enables us to ensure we have the right stock at the right time in the right branch. A customer can order an item at five o’clock in the evening and we’ll be able to deliver it the next day. As we expand, IT helps us to continue and even improve on our ability to meet customers’ needs. Communication between branches is also vital to maintain a consistently high level of professionalism and service and leasing our IT from Syscap enables us to do just that – now and into the future.”