faIT offer first class, value for money service with Syscap

faIT UK is a leading independent provider of IT solutions based in Redditch. Customer satisfaction is a driving ambition and that is achieved by offering first class, value for money service. This is the approach that faIT adopted when partnering with an IT business loans provider, resulting in a partnership with Syscap that has lasted more than 10 years.

Best of breed

Operating since 2001, faIT has built its reputation on a plain speaking, no nonsense approach to projects – delivering to the client’s specification and budget. As a business statement, it sounds self-explanatory. But as Don Finley, faIT UK Managing Director explains, a lot of hard work goes into making sure that it happens in practice.

The business offers a range of products and services related to IT infrastructure. From data cabling, design and installation of remote working; web and email security as well as data recovery and availability solutions. Increasingly, faIT is also offering cloud-based solutions with hosted exchange; cloud file server enablement as well as back up and hosted application servers.

faIT UK have always adopted a best of breed approach when it comes to partnering with hardware and software vendors. This allows faIT to offer the best tried and tested products from the top vendors in the marketplace. Syscap’s flexible IT business loans are examples of best in class products that faIT is happy to add to its suite.

The personal touch

Working with a number of IT companies, faIT has access to a variety of finance providers. However, he prefers to use Syscap. The quotes are competitive and the personalities make it a more pleasant experience.

“In terms of finance, Syscap is my first port of call. I prefer to deal with Syscap because they understand my business and that of my clients. My account manager is great and always available to answer any questions,” explains Don.

The finance quote tends to get included upfront with the proposal for the client. As Don explains, it gives the client another option when considering payment and saves time later if they do ask about finance options.

“Using Syscap Online is quick and easy. It takes a few minutes to generate a quote and makes the finance options very clear for the client. It makes my life so much easier,” explains Don.

Don is happy to admit that his expertise is in IT infrastructure rather than finance. So if he does get any questions regarding quotes for IT business loans, the Syscap team is always happy to deal directly with the client.

Service is included

While he doesn’t get involved in the details, one thing that Don does appreciate is the flexibility offered by Syscap. IT finance deals often cover hardware or software purchases but stop short of funding any intangible assets.

“The great thing with Syscap is that I can include everything in the deal. So in addition to any hardware, the client can spread the cost of any support and professional services. Syscap’s flexible finance allows them to spread the whole cost over the life of the asset,” explains Don.

As an independent finance provider, Syscap has the added advantage of not being tied to a particular product or service.

faIT operates nationally, serving a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, typically with up to 200 employees. Over the years, Don has seen dozens of finance deals completed with Syscap and the process has always been fast, efficient and professional.

“I can’t recommend Syscap highly enough. The deals are competitive, the process is efficient and the team is a pleasure to deal with,” says Don.

“Here at faIT we take great pride in offering our clients the best value for money and a great service and I look for partners that do the same. Syscap ticks all the boxes for us and our clients.”