Qmulus Rises To No.1 With Syscap’s IT Reseller Finance

The business

Founded in 2011, Qmulus Solutions is now the UK’s number one reseller of Sage CRM software, focused on providing the highest standards and quality in its services, from the software itself to consultancy, training and support.

The business was originally established solely to provide Sage’s front office CRM systems, both cloud and on-premise, and has grown quickly to lead the UK market in this space and expanded to provide Sage 200 ERP solutions too.

The challenge

The challenge Qmulus faced was the ability to provide a subscription based payment model, whereby customers who couldn’t or didn’t want to pay for software licence costs up front had the option of a finance plan allowing them to make standard monthly payments instead, whilst ensuring Qmulus collected the cash up front so they could continue to invest in and grow their business.

“Around one third of our market chooses the subscription model. Without finance this could significantly impact our cash flow, as we would collect the payment from customers over time rather than upfront. So it’s vital that we have a sound offering in place to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Daniel Lewis, Managing Director.

“In general we’re also finding that customers are much more in control of where and when their budget is being spent and increasingly they see the ability to spread the cost of IT over time as critical,” says Lewis.

The solution

Before founding Qmulus, Lewis had worked for other Sage resellers and had had experience of different finance providers including Syscap. “We’d spoken to other finance companies but we chose Syscap as our previous experience with them had been excellent; they’re easy to work with, helpful and offer competitive rates and deals to customers.

One of the most fundamental aspects of the Syscap solution for Qmulus was its ability to finance services too, such as support and maintenance. “The ability to sell a total cloud solution based on one monthly payment and one finance solution for everything is very compelling,” Lewis comments.

The results

With Syscap as its sole finance provider Qmulus is able to offer customers flexible but also highly competitive cloud deals. “When we calculate the total cost of ownership of the Sage product with the services and a three year support contract on top, all wrapped up into a single finance package, the ‘per user per month costs’ are lower than what the majority of our competitors charge purely for their cloud user licences,” says Lewis.

The benefits

Through the effective provision of finance options Syscap has helped Qmulus to grow rapidly as a business and be able to take on more cloud and subscription-based customers.

“Setting up finance through Syscap is simple and easy to manage and always gets positive feedback from our clients,” Lewis continues. “The process is very easy, once we’ve put the customer in contact with Syscap they manage everything, keeping us informed when needed.

“Because Syscap is responsive and gets directly involved with the client they are able to progress the finance discussion while we are still finalising our own terms and conditions. This ensures that finance doesn’t become a separate hurdle to overcome, delaying when the customer comes on board”.

Lewis concludes, “Ultimately, without Syscap asset finance we wouldn’t have been able to sell as many solutions as we have, so Syscap has been directly instrumental in our business success and making us Sage’s number one CRM reseller in the UK.”