Syscap is changing

Syscap Is Changing – Vendor Finance Focus

Syscap is a subsidiary of Wesleyan Bank

Syscap was acquired by the Wesleyan Group in February 2015 and is a subsidiary of Wesleyan Bank Ltd. Wesleyan is a natural home for Syscap, due to its focus on the professions market and aspirations to grow its long term lending. Being part of the Wesleyan has allowed us to invest in people, processes and systems as well as extending our product offering which now includes corporation & partner Tax, VAT funding, fee funding, WIP funding, insurance, as well as a range of personal finance products for business owners and professionals. We also offer comprehensive payment over time options to partners for their customers covering software, services, maintenance and support.

Behind the scenes we have been working hard to integrate our activities in an appropriate manner taking into consideration our customers, brands, distribution and account management support. From 1 April 2016 we have decided to reserve the Syscap brand exclusively for our channel activities and move our professions, education and SME business to the Wesleyan Bank brand.

What does this mean for me?

We are fit for growth. We have a bigger team supporting you from the software development team behind the vendor portal right through to credit, business administration and front line account management.

We are keeping it simple. If you or one of your customers already has a live lease or loan product with Syscap or one of our funding partners, there will be no change to this agreement or the way and frequency with which you make payments to us.

We have a dedicated channel just for you. Over the coming weeks our website and social media pages will become dedicated to our IT vendor partners only, giving you more relevant and focussed content and updates. Make sure you keep up with our latest news and announcements by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook where we’d love to have your review.

If you’re in the medical, dental, legal and teaching professions, or are an SME, you will find all relevant content at

Why Syscap?

Syscap’s IT finance programme is the largest of its kind by membership in the UK and features 13 of the UK’s top software vendors and over 350 IT resellers as partners. Our clients include Sage, Autodesk, Infor, Concurrent Engineering and Advanced Business Solutions. With 25 years experience and a wide portfolio of products we can tailor an appropriate payment over time that benefits both you and your customers.