Five Things To Consider When Switching To SaaS

If your business is considering adopting a Software as a Service subscription model powered by the cloud instead of a traditional distribution model then you need to consider how it will impact your business, your staff and most importantly your customers – both new and existing. We’ve compiled our top tips of what to consider before you make the switch to SaaS or PaaS.

Five tips for switching to a SaaS model

1. Consider what is an appropriate pricing model

It’s important that the pricing reflects the service you offer, fits your market and ability to service customers. This could mean a more simplified approach or tiered packages. Research what’s important to your customers and what is feasible for them in terms of cost but also what’s feasible for your organisation. This might involve rolling out the service offering/s over time.

2. Develop an on-boarding processsaas model on-boarding process

Getting your customers started might look a little different from how you have done things previously. Ensure you break down the process into steps and that staff are properly trained in how bringing a new customer on board works, what questions they might have and when they need to be available to support.

saas model adoption security best practice3. Ensure your systems are secure

You are probably entering new territory in offering your software or platform via the cloud. Data needs to be encrypted and stored safely. SSL encryption is a good start.


4. Involve your sales workforcesaas model adoption and sales teams

Your sales team still have to sell the product. This could be the right time to innovate and improve your software, but it could also be the wrong time. Nevertheless ensure you take into consideration the input (concerns and suggestions) from your sales team/s and try to address these as best as possible. By incorporating their input early in the process there’s time to debate, research and ultimately decide. Whether you take on their suggestions or not this will still help to get buy-in with the teams and make them feel more involved.

saas adoption legal advice5. Take legal advice from a cloud specialist

You are moving into new territory and therefore need specialist advice. You wouldn’t launch a new product without research and a strong understanding of the market and the product so ensure you are seek out expert knowledge and advice and are well protected legally with indemnity cover to limit liability.

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